18. Mai 2012

Inside the silence, after the storm

Take off your shoes now
You've come a long way
You've walked all these miles
And now you're in the right place

And the nightmares and monsters
And your biggest fears
Will seem light years away
No, they won't find you here

I'll hold your head my dear
Make sure no one's gonna wake you
Tomorrow you'll still be here
No matter where your dreams will take you
Do you realize
All the falls and flights
All the sleepless nights
All the smiles and sighs
They brought you here
They only brought you home
Put down this suitcase
This weapon of yours
The struggle is over
You don't need it no more
You can't remember lonely
You forgot about bored
And nothing's the same
Since you walked through this door
This roof is a blanket
That's keeping you warm
Inside the silence
After the storm
July - BOY


  1. so ein schöner blog und noch so tolle Bilder ♥
    hättest du lust auf ggs. verfolgen!?:)

    liebe grüße vero.. www.madebyvero.blogspot.de

  2. wow so tolle bilder! aber deine neuen kolumnen finde ich auch wirklich fabelhaft! bin durch zufall auf deinen blog gestoßen und mag ihn jetzt total! keep up the great work!!! xxx


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